Project Spotlight: The Wealthy Intentional Entrepreneur

The Wealthy Intentional Entrepreneur: How to Build Financial Wealth One Step at a Time

This month we wrapped up an exciting book project for Natalya Itu, an expert CPA practicing in Colorado.

We are very excited that Natalya decided to share her wealth of knowledge. As an entrepreneur and business owner herself, she provides valuable insight and inspirational tips for new and established business owners. If you live in the state of Colorado and need a fantastic CPA, contact Natalya at

Our role in the development of this book included interior design, cover design, and e-book conversion. The main goal in the design was to communicate the in-depth information in a way that was easy to understand, inspiring, and not overwhelming. The book contains pull-out quotes and plenty of white space to give the readers space to breathe and time to assimilate the detailed, valuable knowledge. Continue reading to see the cover design evolution and interior below.

From the Back Cover

A no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to take your business to the next level. Make an intention to grow your net worth and start by learning the steps to make that a reality.

You will learn:
• How to utilize the trifecta (business ownership, retirement accounts, and real estate) to build sustainable wealth.
• How to facilitate business growth, use leverage, and move from owning your “job” to owning a business with systems, processes, and the right people.
• How to increase your business net worth, and thereby, your self-worth.
• How to approach business finances to bring your organization to the next level.
• How to maximize your retirement planning.
• How to implement smart tax strategies to make the most of your income.
• How to choose the right CPA to help with your financial goals.

Complete with action steps & worksheets, this book will guide you step-by-step through your journey of intentional entrepreneurship.

Starting and running a business is one of the most challenging endeavors for new and experienced entrepreneurs. As you continue to push yourself forward, your business growth directly mirrors your personal development. This is both exciting and challenging, and if you follow the right steps and focus on being intentional about this growth, the rewards can be incredible. In this comprehensive and step-by-step guide, Natalya Itu, CPA provides the resources, facts, inspiration, and concrete action plans to guide entrepreneurs and business owners to the next level.


About the Author

Natalya Korobkova-Itu, CPA is an entrepreneur at heart. She never stops learning about other business owners’ best practices and strives to be a better business owner herself. She came to the USA from Russia in 1998 with her mother, very little money, and no English language skills. Despite those circumstances, her strong will and resilient nature makes her an inspiration to many. She thrives in showing others the power of being intentional and how it can help take them wherever they want to be in life. As a long-time business owner, she shares her best practices from experience and constantly strives to uplift, inspire, and help guide entrepreneurs to success.

She has been a Colorado-licensed CPA for over eight years and an accountant for over twelve years. Her CPA firm, Colorado Business CPA, is located in Englewood, Colorado and specializes in offering business packages including tax, accounting, payroll, and coaching support for small business owners.

You can find her at or visit her Amazon Author page.


Design Evolution

As usual, the cover for this book went through many rounds of revisions until we found that one that clicked.

Our team provided these as the initial concepts:

  • (Side note: If you’re wondering about watermarks in stock images, that’s because we purchase images after our design concepts are finalized. That way, we can explore many design concepts without wasting the author’s or publisher’s stock image budget. After the cover concept is set, we finalize all image purchases for correct licensing.)


The third design was the favorite, but both our team and the author felt that it needed more energy. Taking the tree element and playing with the energy of arrows and exponential growth (to echo wealth-building), we came up with a few variations of a new design.

After some fine-tuning, we reached the final cover design:

And here is the full back/spine/front spread:

Here are a few images of the interior:

If you’re interested in growing your business and becoming an “intentional” entrepreneur, check out this book! It’s currently available on Amazon.


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