Project Spotlight: Behave! (And Why We Always Do)

Behave! (and Why We Always Do): Communication and Behavior: Your DISC Pattern

Are you a type D, I, S, C, or a combination?

As Abdul Turkistani explains in his new book, Behave! (And Why We Always Do), getting to know this method does wonders for understanding the self and relationships.

Continue reading to learn more about the book and see the book’s final design.

From the Back Cover

He admits it himself: Abdul is very bad at time management. To learn to manage his time better (at least to get this book finished and published!) he took countless courses, only to find that after a short time, he was back to his old, more natural, time-spinning habits. He loves to talk and loses track of time so easily! What is more, he talks a lot and finds himself becoming enthusiastic and impulsive…and forgets to listen to others.

He studied many courses in time management, but also in behavior, communication and active listening that—in the end—didn’t leave him feeling he had made any progress at all. It was bewildering that after so much study he did not feel any improvement.

That all changed when Abdul studied and became certified in DISC training. He suddenly saw the missing piece of the puzzle. All the answers he’d searched for in those other endless courses were embedded right in the DISC approach.

From the day he learned DISC, he understood what his strengths were, but also came to grips more clearly with his weaknesses (time management, chattering, not listening…). Abdul realized, given his DISC results, that he might never become great at time management! It was devastating, and he readily admits that he felt depressed for a while about it.

Now, he knows and understands himself. He has a toolkit of workaround techniques adapted to his DISC-revealed behavioral style that help him strengthen those weak spots. He uses what works for his style when he needs to be an active listener or get going to meet a deadline.

Since mastering DISC, Abdul has less stress, more harmonious relationships which enjoy real give-and-take communication, and more enjoyment from interactions with people and in doing tasks he didn’t have the time to get to before. This new awareness of his natural behavioral responses, motivations, and reactions was a big relief indeed.

With this book, Abdul wishes to empower you to do the same: To understand yourself, your behaviors, and your interactions with others.

About the Author

Abdulbaset Turkistani originally trained and worked as an electrical engineer (and later as an instrument engineer) in the petrochemical industry. Since those days, he has been active as a trainer, entrepreneur, public speaker, and corporate training manager. He is an ICF-certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Currently, Abdul is a Training Manager with National Petrochemical Corporation (NATPET). Abdul is also a business partner with the Inscape/John Wiley & Sons, Inc. publishing house, which distributes the DiSC assessment programs.

For generations, Abdul and his family have lived in Saudi Arabia, and in his leisure time, you’ll find him jogging, traveling internationally on vacation trips, or just curled up with a good book.

Discovering the DISC patterns of human behavior (notably his own) changed Abdul’s life—at home with his wife and children, and in his interactions with work partners and clients—and it is to share this life-changing, eye-opening information with as many people as he can that he has written this book.

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The design of this book consisted of creating: covers for paperback and hardcover, interior with custom icons, and e-book conversion. Below are a few images of the final book. To see more, visit our Portfolio page.


This book is currently available on Amazon and other retailers.


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