Project Spotlight: The Parallel Entrepreneur

The Parallel Entrepreneur

The Parallel Entrepreneur: How to Start and Run Companies While Keeping Your Day Job

This month’s book design project spotlight focuses on The Parallel Entrepreneur, a new book by serial entrepreneur Ryan Buckley. Having started multiple very successful B2B companies, Ryan generously shares his knowledge in this book. I say generously because he goes into great detail on how to build a company from the ground up. The book contains tips ranging from inspiration and ethical considerations to technical details and actual tools.

Our role in this project included: interior book design and layout, creating some charts and graphs, e-book conversion, back cover design and sizing for print production. A few images of the interior are included below.

The cover design and infographics were created by Chris Cole of


More about the book…

“The Parallel Entrepreneur is to B2B startups as Rich Dad Poor Dad is to real-estate. It’s a manifesto to entrepreneurs that you don’t need to raise venture capital to build a profitable business; that you can be your own boss; that you can control your own destiny—and still be successful. Ryan is one of the few folks who’ve successfully navigated this path, and in this book he shares his hard-won experience. If you are thinking about starting a business to generate some cash, you owe it to yourself to read The Parallel Entrepreneur.”
– Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio and Co-founder of Marketo

“The Parallel Entrepreneur is a fantastic resource for anyone who has faced the conundrum of wanting to stay at their current job while starting one or multiple companies in parallel—and my experience at Upwork shows me that a lot of people are trying to do this. Ryan, himself a parallel entrepreneur, describes his best practices as well at those collected from others in a compelling, down-to-earth book that will walk the reader through why and how to become a parallel entrepreneur.”
– Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork


Connect with the Author

You can learn more about the book and connect with the author at or visit his Amazon Author page.

The book is available on Amazon here.


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