Cut the Hassle: How to Sell Books from Your Website without Shipping Stress

Are you an author looking for a stress-free way to sell your books directly from your website?

Selling directly from a website used to involve setting up complex e-commerce solutions with tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Square. It meant working with a web developer to correctly set your inventory, shipping policies . . . and figuring out complex sales tax. It also meant that every time a customer ordered a book (yay!) you would need to pack it and run to the post office.

With so much hassle, it’s no wonder that many authors continuously opt for print-on-demand solutions like KDP or IngramSpark to sell via Amazon and other established online retailers. But now, there is a new solution. You can have the best of both worlds—print-on-demand simplicity AND selling directly from your website.

This new solution is brought to us by IngramSpark. With their innovative platform, you can now streamline the selling process without having to worry about shipping logistics. In this article, we will walk you through how to utilize IngramSpark’s shareable book sales links to maximize your book sales with minimal effort. Say goodbye to shipping stress and hello to a more efficient way of selling your books online.

The Benefits of Selling Directly from Your Website

While there are many benefits to selling on Amazon (such as free Prime shipping for customers, utilizing Amazon Ads, and climbing the Amazon best-sellers ranks), there are alternative benefits to selling directly from your website.

These benefits include:

  • Setting a specific purchase price—such as running promotions and discounts on your print books at any time
  • Setting limitations on the orders—for example, you can choose to limit a customer’s purchase of a discounted book to a specific number per order, or you can set a date range for the sale
  • Earning more profit—cutting out the middle man and selling direct does earn you more
  • And, driving traffic to your website—perhaps there are other products and services that you’d like to share with customers while they are shopping for your book

While a traditional benefit to selling directly from your website also includes seeing the customer’s email address, this feature is unavailable through the IngramSpark links due to privacy reasons. If your goal is to gather email addresses to build your fan base email list, you might want to consider the traditional e-commerce solutions after all. We’ll share a different article about this next time.

Why IngramSpark

IngramSpark is a top choice for many independent authors and publishers because it transforms the traditional hassles of book production, distribution, and sales into a streamlined process. Authors can easily manage their portfolios, keep track of sales, and access insights to refine their marketing strategies. Books published through IngramSpark automatically become available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, and over 40,000 retailers around the world. This level of control and visibility provides a solid foundation upon which authors can build their success.

While the platform is user-friendly, it does require a level of tech savviness and knowledge of the best settings and options. It also requires that your print-ready files are created to their exact specifications. Much of our work here at DTPerfect Book Design involves creating book design files to the specifications of IngramSpark and helping authors with their account setup and publishing.

Creating Your Shareable Book Sales Link with IngramSpark

To create your shareable book sales link through IngramSpark, begin by accessing your author dashboard after logging into your account. Look for the book you wish to sell and select it to view more options. Among these, you will find a “Share” or “Generate Link” button. (Alternatively, you can navigate to the “e-commerce” tab in the left navigation panel.) Clicking on this button prompts IngramSpark to generate a unique URL tailored specifically for your book. Copy this link, and you are ready to embed it across various platforms, from your personal author website to your social media channels.

While sharing the link on social media is pretty easy, you might prefer to work with your website designer to embed the custom HTML code to your website. This will create a “buy now” button under your book, enabling customers to purchase right from your website. IngramSpark takes care of the printing and shipping, and you’ll earn royalties in your IngramSpark account.

Ask us about creating IngramSpark shareable links for your book as part of our Design and Publishing Package.


** We are not affiliated with IngramSpark and all opinions are our own.

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