How to See Where Your Stock Images Have Been Used Before: Google “Search by Image”

With so many websites and so many (but not enough) stock images, there is a very high probability that your stock image has been used before.

This is not a big deal if you are using an image for a blog or social media, but if you are choosing an image for a book cover, you might want to check if (and how) it’s been used before.

So, to search an image, here’s the step by step:

  1. Have your image ready. (Have either the URL link, or download it to your computer. You can download a watermarked version if you’re curious to search the image before purchasing it.)
  2. Go here:
  3. Click the little camera icon.
  4. Insert the URL or upload the image.
  5. Google will show a list of blogs and websites that have used this image. The match is not always perfect, but it gives you a good general idea of where this image has appeared before.



Elena is founder and creative director at DTPerfect. She loves collaborating with authors to create books that inspire, teach, and leave a legacy. When she is not working with authors, she writes and illustrates a few of her own stories and is the award-winning author of Thank You, Me, a children’s book created to inspire gratitude and self-care.

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